10 ways to decorate your dorm on a dime

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- College dorm rooms are notoriously small, lacking storage space and totally void of personality.   Our Interior Remodeling expert, Jan Lehman, shares 10 tips to spice up your space.

10 ways to decorate your dorm on a dime

  1. Pick up a curtain…and pin it to your ceiling. This creates a beautiful canopy effect to make your room a little homier.
  2. Drape lights across your walls (to highlight your photos possibly). This is a great way to frame the dreary bulletin board that comes in the typical dorm room.
  3. Add floating shelves. If your school will allow it, attach shelves to the wall next to your bed for extra storage, display or to use as a night stand.  Colored baskets are also great ways to add storage while adding that pop of color as well.
  4. Make a chalkboard wall. If allowed, this makes your room unique and provides you with some cool entertainment too.
  5. Create quote art. Get a black canvas and use a gold or silver Sharpie to write out a list of your favorite inspiring quotes.
  6. Make your own headboard. Cut a large piece of cardboard into the shape of a headboard and staple fabric to it.
  7. Remind yourself of home. Print a map of your home state, then glue a heart to your hometown.
  8. Use washi tape. Line your desk or shelves with this decorative, removable tape; create origami patterns on your wall or put different colors on binders to keep yourself organized.
  9. Invest in a rug. This will save you from damaging the floor while adding elements of color and softness.
  10. Paint mason jars to fill with school supplies. You’ll be inspired to stay organized by keeping everything in its place.  You can also put battery operated votive candles inside to add some ambiance.

For more fun, inspiring ideas, view our board on Pinterest and add your own pins to our board.

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