Tips for living with a college roommate

two young women in a dorm sitting on a bed

It’s that time of the year, whether you’re a freshman or a returning college student you may find yourself living with a roommate. Whether you’re living in a dorm or an apartment, here are some tips to help you two get along for the entire school year.

1. Address things when they’re little.
Don’t let small problems become big ones. If your roommate is constantly doing things like forgetting to clean the bathroom toilet when it’s their turn or leaving their clothes everywhere address the issue when it starts and not months later after you’re extremely frustrated about the situation.

2. Compromise with each other.
Living in a space with another person is usually brand new to a lot of college students. Learn to make compromises with each other about items, such as: when cleaning is done, when friends can come over, what items each of you can borrow from each other and when.

3. Be nice.
Living in a dorm or apartment complex means that you’ll be living with a lot of people. Treat others the way you would like them to treat you: with kindness.

4. Set some ground rules
Establish early on with your roommate what’s appropriate and what’s not. If having their friends over after midnight on a Monday is a no-no with your 8 a.m., chemistry class the next day, make sure that you set that rule at the very beginning when you move in with each other.

5. Social Life: Respect each other.
It’s okay to have friends come over just remember you’re living with someone else. Be courteous with noise and the space you use in the room and/or apartment. One or two friends shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to bring over huge groups of people it’s polite to ask first.

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