Create a DIY chalkboard wall at home

tiffany talsma creates a chalkboard wall

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)-  Write your grocery list or honey-do list in the entryway.  Express yourself and wipe it clean later.  Here’s how to transform a living space into a place where its okay to write on the wall and create a chalkboard wall.

Before you Start:

-Think about how you will use the space and choose the size of the painted area. Will it be just a small area for notes or an entire wall?

-Select a centralized area such as the kitchen or mudroom. Will your chalkboard be for the kids to doodle on?  If so, be sure to select a space low enough for their little hands to reach.

-Like the idea but don’t want to commit to a whole wall? Take an outdated framed piece of art and paint the picture with chalkboard paint.

-Don’t forget to prep the area before painting.


Step 1 – Prep the Wall

Frame the area you want to paint, with painter’s tape.  Clean the area being sure to remove screws, nails ect.  Let it dry and then give it a quick sanding so it’s flat.

Step 2 – Apply the Paint

Purchase chalkboard paint and brush it directly onto the wall, following the instructions on the can.  Be sure to do a second coat. Let dry completely before removing the tape.

Step 3 – Prep the Wall for Use

You’ll want to condition your new chalkboard before you start using it.   Take the side of a piece of chalk and rub it over the whole surface then wipe it clean.


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