What you need to know about divorce and school security

Gail Saukas on back to school security

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- School is about to begin again.  If you and  your spouse decided to divorce during the summer break it is vital that the administration and office staff are fully informed.  Copies of the Court’s temporary orders or judgement of divorce need to be supplied to the school.  These spell out who is the custodial parent, whether or not their is shared legal custody and whether there are any restrictions on access to the children.

If restrictions, such as a personal protection order, supervised visitation or no visitation has been ordered the school is responsible for enforcing those documents should a parent or grandparent who is not supposed to be picking up or seeing the children attempts to do so.  Schools are well aware of their liability when it comes to protecting your kids so be sure to ask your specific school what they require.

Whether a parent is privy to information about their child is also something that the court documents reveal to the school.  Sometimes, even if there is sole legal custody, a parent is allowed to receive information about their child’s performance, behavior and may even be allowed to attend parent/teacher conferences.  There are many variables within the realm of parenting arrangements which makes it important that your children’s school is kept abreast of any changes that the court orders as your divorce progresses.

Don’t forget, for little ones, day care facilities and pre-schools need the same information as schools.  Babysitters also need to be informed about who may see the children and what to do if a parent or grandparent who is not given access to your children attempts to see them while under their care.  Supplying this information and keeping it up to date will keep your kids safe during the school year.

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