Get your kid ready for kindergarten

Family getting kids ready for school

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Getting your child ready for at any age can be a lot to think about, but when you’re sending your baby off to kindergarten for the first time there’s some special ways you can prepare.  Here’s Maranda’s top four things every parent should know:

1.  Practice solo dressing.  Encourage your child to practice putting on shoes, zipping zipers and buttoning clothes.

2.  Make sure your child can open everything you’ll be sending in their lunch bags.  Let them work on peeling the lid on the applesauce container, opening a granola bar and unscrewing the lid of a water bottle.

3.  Be sure your child can make it through the day without a special comfort toy or blanket.

4.  Come up with a tradition you’d like to start to celebrate the first day of school-make a certain breakfast, take a photo in the same spot each year.

Relax and enjoy these special moments!

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