Maranda Honored as an “Everyday Hero”

Grand Rapids, Mich. (WOTV)  Our very own Maranda was honored with the Everyday Hero Award at the annual “Night of Heroes” event in Detroit. The RARE Everyday Hero Program is designed to inspire Michigan’s youth through “Everyday Heroes.” The award is given to someone that exhibits extraordinary commitment, courage, compassion, and integrity.

Maranda was nominated by Jenna Decker of Grand Rapids Christian High School. “Maranda Where You Live” delivers great family-friendly content, five nights a week at 7 p.m., on WOTV 4 Women.  In “Where You Live,” Maranda actively seeks out individuals in various communities who are doing their small part to better their neighborhoods and environment. She has featured hundreds of non-profit organizations and everyday people who are doing extraordinary activities. Also, she has brought great Park Parties to families in West Michigan for 20 years.

Maranda was honored alongside nine other heroes.

Here’s what some viewers said about Maranda receiving the Everyday Hero Award (comments are taken from Maranda’s Facebook page):

“Congrats!!!!” CarlNbren

“Congratulations! Thank you for bringing communities together!” Cindy

“Congratulations. You deserve this prestigious honor.” Nancy



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