Outdoor scavenger hunts in Emmet County

Photo courtesy Emmet County

EMMET COUNTY, Mich. (WOTV) Over the last 15 years, the popularity of geocaching has skyrocketed worldwide, yet to many, geocaching is still a new thing. It’s best described as an outdoor scavenger hunt.

It’s a 21st century, higher-tech version of a traditional scavenger hunt. In fact, geocaching is an activity that brings people of all ages together. There’s an active group of geocachers in Emmet County.

And there’s lots of visitors who participate too, because Emmet County offers a very special Geo-trail, which this year is centered around water. it’s fun, and shows off the beautiful outdoor resources in that area. Emmet County put together a History Quest Geo-trail last year.

By going to emmetcounty.org, we learned there are over 500 geocaches in the county you can also read more about both Geo-trails at that site and learn how to collect your souvenir pathtag.

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