How to prepare for extra summer expenses

gail saukas DAWN manager

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Summer is here along with all of the additional expenses it brings.

If you have a divorce pending, talk to your attorney about including a raise in child support during the summer months to cover those expenses. Child care hours are longer, summer activities and camps can be costly so make sure you have a provision in your child support agreement that takes these into consideration.

When it comes to the financial security of your children, it’s better to be safe then sorry.

Often, women who are in the midst of divorce, do not think about the changes in schedules and costs that summer brings. The details of schedules can get lost when negotiating huge things like division of assets, parenting time and custody.

Your attorney can negotiate an increase in child support for the summer months to help cover additional expenses while the kids are out of school.  A provision that your ex agrees to share costs of daycare increases or extra curricular activities can also be included, but may be harder to enforce then if it is rolled into child support payments.

Discuss the options with your attorney so that you can decide on the best way for your children’s dad to contribute his fair share.

For more information regarding child support and divorce, visit our website.


Nothing herein constitutes legal advice.


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