Great frozen kids snacks to beat the heat

Margaux Drake living well expert D&W

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Cool kids off in the summer sun with frozen, healthy treats that they can help make! These frozen treats are fun and easy.  Here’s three simple ideas.

Banana Pops: Try banana pops! It couldn’t be easier, here’s how: Peel a banana, cut it in half, insert a popsicle stick, cover and freeze.

Watermelon Stars: For a fun themed snack have kids use cookie cutters to make shapes, like stars, out of watermelon and then freeze them for a refreshing treat. By the way, these are also great for a teething toddler. Sit the watermelon in the kitchen sink, this gives you more leverage and contains the juice from running all over the countertop. Using a chef’s knife, cut the watermelon lengthwise to make rounds.

cookie cutter stars cut from watermelon

Grape Poppers: For older kids, put grapes in to the freezer the night before for a cool on-the-go snack the next day! Wash, then freeze the grapes for one hour on a cookie sheet. When frozen, transfer to a glass freezer container. Make it easy for kids to grab a handful and pop them into their mouths for a cool bite on a hot day.

frozen grapes and banana pops

All ingredients are available at D&W Fresh Market!

Post a pic your icy snack idea on our WOTV 4 Women Facebook page! Happy Summer:)

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