‘Guess Who’ books a fun find for toddlers

My toddler loves to read.  Well he loves it when we read to him.  I’m always looking for fun new books at bedtime because as a parent the stories get old really quick!  I recently got the chance to review a toddler book series “Guess Who Books” and I’ve got to say, they are a huge hit at our house.  My little book worm/animal junkie loves them.

baby guess who zoo

Guess Who Zoo Description: Oh no! The monkey stole the zookeeper’s keys and set all the animals free! Eleven animals tell their stories and there’s a clue in every line. Can you help name them and set everything right?

Toddler Feedback:  If your child loves animals they will certainly think this is fun.  Each page gives a description and shows off a little part of the zoo animal.  Your toddler will have fun guessing which animal will be revealed on the next page.   This book is our favorite in the series because my son LOVES zoo animals.

baby guess who farm


Guess Who Farm Description: Young MacDonald (Old MacDonald’s son) has a big problem. He bought 11 animals for his new farm, but they refuse to come out. “No way!” they say. “Not until you guess our names.” But Young Mac is a terrible guesser. “Please,” he begs, “will you guess the animal’s names so I can start my farm?”

Toddler Feedback:  This book is great because your toddler probably knows most farm animals and it’s easy to guess the animals correctly.  We also like to talk about the sounds each animal makes.

baby gues who neighborhood


Guess Who Neighborhood Description: House-hunting can be fun, but looking for a new home that’s “just right” can get pretty boring. Well, that’s what Todd and Valerie thought anyway. Yawn. But when their parents discover the Guess Who Neighborhood and animals start asking questions, boring suddenly becomes exciting. Would you like to visit their new neighborhood and join the fun? It’s easy!

Toddler Feedback:  This book is also cute, but for a 2 1/2 year old we did have more fun with the animal books, than learning about our neighborhood.

I think if you’re looking for something fun and interactive and your child loves animals you’ll find these books a good addition to your growing book collection.  The only downside is, there is a lot of text (but trust me a lot of fun vibrant illustrations too) so if you’re looking for a short bed time story this isn’t a “quick read”.  If you’re looking for a fun interactive learning book you’ll enjoy this series.

To learn more check out Guess Who Books online.



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