7 Interior Design rules you SHOULD break

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- There is a saying that “some rules are made to be broken,” and this certainly applies to the field of interior design.  However, before you break any of the rules, you must first understand them and the design principles behind them.  You can experiment with style, form, and function and bring to your home an eclectic mix of design elements,  Then you can change then to suit your own needs.

7 Deadly Design Rules Decoded:

1. Don’t paint your ceiling.

DESIGN ADVICE: Learn the tricks of a great ceiling here!

2. Don’t mix old and new

DESIGN ADVICE: The secrets of shabby chic here!

3. Don’t paint a small space a dark color.

DESIGN ADVICE: How to be daring and go dark!

4. Don’t mix patterns.

DESIGN ADVICE: How to make your patterns mix like a pro!

5. Don’t mix metals.

DESIGN ADVICE: Tricks and tips for amazing metals!

6. Every window needs a treatment.

DESIGN ADVICE: How to let your window bare all.

7. Always match your wood finishes.

DESIGN ADVICE: How to make it all work together.

Click on the links for some fun, interactive tips from Standale Interiors.  This is bound to get your creative juices flowing.  Then share your successful “Design Rebel” techniques on our Facebook page.


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