Meet the family at MOO-Ville

Photo courtesy MOO-ville Creamery
Photo courtesy MOO-ville Creamery

NASHVILLE, Mich. (WOTV) MOO-ville Creamery is a dairy farm that’s completely run by the Westendorp family. It’s located in Nashville, north of Battle Creek.

MOO-ville is a dairy farm and free petting farm that makes all of its own dairy products. They use fresh milk from their cows to make cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, and different kinds of milk and cream.

The farm at MOO-ville is run by a family made up of two parents and six kids. Many of them have been helping there since they were toddlers.

MOO-ville has 220 milk cows and more than 500 calves. The milk is gravity fed from the farm into a tank in a processing room. Milk and cream for beverages, ice cream, and yogurt is pasteurized there to kill bacteria.

MOO-ville Creamery is located at 5875 M-79 in Nashville.

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