Focus on families at Cedar Point

Photo courtesy Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio (WOTV) Cedar Point isn’t just for thrill seekers. It’s a great place to take the family, even with the littlest kids.

There are three huge kids areas, for toddlers all the way to junior thrill seekers. Kiddy Kingdom, Planet Snoopy, and Camp Snoopy have rides that parents can go on with their kids. They also have two kiddy coasters for little roller coaster enthusiasts.

Safety is the number one priority at Cedar Point. Kid Track is a program that parents can take advantage of. Parents write their cell phone number on the inside of a wrist band that their child can wear. If the child becomes separated from the parent, they can go to any employee, who will call the parents.

Parent Swap is another program that allows parents to go on the big roller coaster rides without making their kids wait in long lines. One member of the parenting team will walk through the line of the big ride while the other parent is with the kids. When the first parent gets off the ride, the other parent can bypass the line, go on the ride, and then rejoin the family. This service is free!

Cedar Point also has two family care centers. There are private areas where mothers can nurse, feed, and change their babies, or just take a break from the midway.

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