Edible animals put a creative, healthy spin on snack time

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Summer is here! Kids are home, hungry and looking for fun. Invite them into the kitchen to create edible animals and insects out of fruits, veggies and either homemade or readymade dips.

Mom or dad may need to help out with the knife but otherwise set out an assortment of produce, nut butters, salad dressings, hummus or black bean dip then let their imagination go wild to create outrageous creatures, real or make-believe.

You can piece them together with toothpicks for older kids. I’ve just shown you a few ideas but your kids will come up with something even better. Then voila, snacks are served and you didn’t have to do all the work!


Soak cut apples, pears or bananas in water with lemon juice to reduce oxidation or browning.

Use hemp hearts for “sand” under sea creatures.

Use a plastic bag, fill it with a dip and snip a corner off and squeeze to make designs on the plate.

Use mints for the lobster’s eyes with a little dot of permanent ink in the middle. Since the ink is not edible do not eat eat the eyes. The rest is 100% delicious and should be gobbled up without hesitation.

The sheep’s eyes are made of dressing.

Try all kids of different kitchen tools like apple corers, zesters and even the thing that’s shoved in the back of your drawer that you received for your wedding and you are not sure what it’s for. Take it out and play! Making sure everything is kid friendly, of course.

We want to see what you make! Let your kids create then post your pics on our Facebook page

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