Students stay strong in the summer

BYRON CENTER, Mich. (WOTV) When you think about summer vacation for kids, you probably think they’re by at the pool, playing video games, or hanging out with their friends. That’s not the case for many high school students across West Michigan, who are spending their summer staying strong.

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation has programs with athletic trainers who help students get stronger and more fit for their athletic participation during the school year. They serve boys and girls in all sports from different high schools and some colleges across West Michigan.

There are three main areas at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation: the wrestling room for core strength and balance, the gym for aerobic conditioning and running, and the weight room for upper and lower body strengthening.

Students love the program because they can work out and get stronger, learn how to compete safely, and bond with their teammates. The schools love it decreases injuries, and students gain confidence and leadership.

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation will be at the Maranda Park Party at Lamar Park in Wyoming on Thursday, June 26. Stop by their area for an obstacle course challenge to help build strength and agility!

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