Lie detector test puts bachelors in the hot seat on “The Bachelorette”

One of the most romantic countries in the world – Italy — plays host to Andi and the eight remaining men. Nick is worried that he won’t get any time with Andi to set the record straight about his bad attitude. Six anxious bachelors have concerns when they have to take a lie detector test. Are they all hiding something? Finally, Cody gets a one-on-one date and must hope that his emotional plea to Andi to give their relationship a chance to blossom will be enough to get a rose. It’s getting down to crunch time — two weeks before the hometown dates– and Andi needs to make some tough decisions. The men who thought they were front-runners suddenly feel like they are on thin ice, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JUNE 23 (8:00-10:01 p.m.), on the ABC Television Network.

Andi pulls her first surprise on the streets of Venice, starting her first one-on-one date immediately – with Nick. The shocked suitor needs to convince Andi that he is not the arrogant man that the other bachelors say he is. The date is the very essence of romance with the couple strolling the fabled city hand in hand, taking a gondola ride along the waterways, touring Venice’s historic sites, including St. Mark’s Square and the Bridge of Sighs. But does their undeniable chemistry mean their relationship is back on track? That night, Andi, dressed in a stunning full-length gown and wearing an elegant mask, meets Nick outside the Palace Ca Zenobio, a palace where royalty would hold grand masquerade balls. But the beautiful surroundings don’t stop Andi from addressing her date’s unattractive attitude and behavior on group dates and his cocky reputation in the house. Will Andi still surprise Nick with a private masquerade ball or will what he says change her mind?

The Bachelorette takes six excited bachelors to the quaint town of Monselice, where they soak up the local culture. When they arrive at a medieval castle where prisoners were interrogated, Andi reveals that all the men will be taking lie detector tests. One charming man is nervous that his big secret will be uncovered. But the real shock comes when Andi finds out that four of her bachelors are not telling the truth. What will she do about it? At the group date after party, one dashing bachelor shocks Andi with a surprise revelation while another man confronts her about his dislike for taking the lie detector test. And the Bachelorette’s secret admirer is finally exposed. But one disgruntled suitor verbally attacks the man who receives the group date rose.

Finally, Cody gets his one-on-one date with Andi, and he plans to go all out. The couple arrives in Verona, the home of “Romeo and Juliet.” There, they head to the Juliet Club, a group of volunteers, who answer thousands of letters addressed to “Juliet.” The two read and respond to love letters from the lovelorn. Andi is touched by Cody’s sweet side.

With hometown dates just two weeks away, tensions are running high and all the men feel the pressure to get some alone time with Andi. Who will survive the rose ceremony at the lovely Villa Mosconi Bertani? Which men have found themselves unlucky in love? Six men are on track to accompany Andi to Brussels and continue on the romantic journey.


The eight remaining men are:


Brian, 27, a basketball coach from Camp Hill, PA

Chris, 32, a farmer from Arlington, IA

Cody, 28, a personal trainer from Chicago, IL

Dylan, 26, an accountant from Boston, MA

J J, 31, a pantsapreneur from San Francisco, CA

Josh M., 29, a former professional baseball player from Atlanta, GA

Marcus, 25, a sports medicine manager from Dallas, TX

Nick V., 33, a software sales executive from Chicago, IL


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