Track your pregnancy progress every week

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)-  Tracking your pregnancy is fun and simple!  Your body is changing day-by-day and as your baby grows you may be wondering what’s happening to your body and your baby.   Technology makes it easy to get even more involved in your pregnancy.  Here are some of my favorite website and tools to track your progress.

Baby Center: This is a great website passed along to me by a friend with three kids.   You can create a free profile in a matter of minutes.  Once you have a profile you’ll enter your due date and sign up for weekly emails.  They will let you know things like, how big the baby is, what changes you can expect in your body this week and of course what is happening inside your uterus.

Featured content includes: How your baby is growing, How your life is changing, and Q&A features with real moms like you!

The Bump: This website is a spin off of The Knot and The Nest.  Basically if you’re a “knottie” and used their site when you got married, now as a mom-to-be they’ve created a similar site that’s all about babies!  Again you can sign up for weekly emails that track your pregnancy and the baby’s development.  I personally have profiles on both Baby Center and The Bump because the info is a little bit different each week on both sites so you’re learning different things.  I also enjoy “The Bump Community”.  You can follow your “Birth Club Month” board and chat with other moms who are due around the same time as you.  It’s a great place to vent, share and gush about babies.

Featured content includes: How big is baby compared to a piece of fruit (you’ll never look at watermelon the same again), weekly pregnancy symptoms, your “must-do’s” ( a list of important things like doctor’s appts., glucose tests ect), your “nice list” (i.e. decorate the nursery, pick out a baby book ect.).

 What to Expect App: I downloaded this app and I like it.  It’s more of a daily pregnancy check in.  So if you’re feeling obsessed over pregnancy and want to read a little something each day, it’s a great app to have, especially when your doctor is running late and you’re waiting in your “room” for EVER.

Featured content includes: Daily countdown clock, tip of the day, videos, articles on everything you’re thinking about baby-wise.


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