The ‘healthy weight’ debate

Photo courtesy Mekayla Diehl and
Photo courtesy Mekayla Diehl and

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Mekayla Diehl, Miss Indiana USA 2014, has been at the center of a national media frenzy since stepping onto the stage at the Miss USA Pageant earlier this month.

Mekayla, who has strong ties to the West Michigan community, was called as a top 20 contestant as she stepped out on national television in front of a live audience. It wasn’t until she walked out for the swimsuit competition, that Diehl was eliminated from the top 10 for having low swimsuit scores.

Twitter immediately blew up with more than 10,000 Tweets in Mekayla’s defense. “Y’all I love miss Indiana!!! She is a thicker pageant girl!!!” says (@_sweetsouth_). Mekayla, however, is hardly thick, and anything but “normal.”

Since the healthy weight debate, Mekayla has been seen on more than a dozen national media outlets including E! Entertainment, Inside Edition, New York Times, and several others. Jordan Carson sat down with Mekayla to talk about her positive message for young girls, her thoughts on a hearty steak, and the media surrounding the healthy weight debate.

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