Avoid the ‘summer slide’

Little boy reading a book

HOPKINS, Mich. (WOTV) Research shows children can lose up to three months of academic progress over one summer vacation. A program that aims to prevent that is called “6 to Make it Stick.” It’s a collaboration between the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District and Hopkins Public Schools.

Reading a minimum of six books can help maintain reading levels while school is out of session. Make it fun by choosing books that interest the reader. You can find books at the library, book store, or swap with friends.

Other ways to avoid the “Summer Slide”

  • List five easy-to-find words on your shopping list for your kids to look for.
  • Make use of “I’m bored!”
  • Have plenty of interesting reading material
  • Start written conversations – leave notes for kids that include questions
  • Take a family pledge to not watch TV or video games for a week
  • “Unplugged” activities
  • Create a summer memory book

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