Bring new life to your front porch

In their recent New Home survey, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found The Front Porch ranks as the number one outdoor feature builders expect to include in an average, new single-family home in 2015.

Some people might think of a porch as the place the elderly sit on their rocking chairs to watch the world go by. But savvy homeowners understand if you want a place to relax, entertain or greet guests, a porch can be a useful addition to a well-designed home.

Porches connect your interior to the exterior, provide additional living space, keep you connected with your neighborhood and give you the perfect spot for dining outside. They can be small and simple, in the front or back of your home, or large four-season wraparound spaces.

A transitional space, a well-planned porch can breathe new life into a weary house. It can improve or even transform the appearance of your home, making a nondescript front door more pronounced or adding dimension to a flat-face structure. Details like beadboard ceilings, columns and well-chosen hardware can boost curb appeal and add personality.

You may be giving an existing porch a much-needed face-lift or adding a new one that will improve the look and circulation of your property. No matter what kind of porch project you have planned, you need to carefully consider your goals. Ask yourself questions on how you plan to use the space, considering your options and budget.

Taking the time to do your homework means you are closer to having that ideal spot that adds beauty, comfort and sometimes even value to your home.

Determine your goals for your porch project. Consider everything from how you want the porch to look to how you plan to use the space. You want to maximize the use of your porch and make sure the location works with the rest of your property.


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