Three tricks to make a narrow room feel larger

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Whether you’re living in an upscale urban loft or a cozy cottage home, the narrow living spaces that come along with certain homes can be tough to arrange and decorate without looking cluttered. Here are a few tips that will make your space look less crowded and more put together and refreshed.

1. Start with storage. Odds are you have a few things in your living space that you don’t need at your fingertips. DE cluttering will make way for larger items like coffee tables and sofas.

2. Find your focal point. It helps draw attention to the good and focus away from the bad. Draw attention to your longest wall by dressing it up with stand out wall art.

3. Think Narrow. A narrow living space calls for narrow furniture. No, not all of your furnishings need to be pint size, but shop with space in mind. Don’t go for the huge bulky couch; instead choose more of a sleek low lying sofa. Instead of a chunky tv console, go for one that is long and close to the wall. It will free up space and give you family room a more pick-up, put-together look.

 Don’t just dream of an open concept- create it!  These easy tips will have you feeling like your space is larger in no time.



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