Pulling off 17 weddings

Photo courtesy Grand Rapids First Church
Photo courtesy Grand Rapids First Church

WYOMING, Mich. (WOTV) A Grand Rapids church pulled off the wedding of a lifetime – 17 weddings, to be exact. Grand Rapids First Church saw some couples in their congregation who had some barriers to getting married, whether it be financial or otherwise. So they decided they wanted to eliminate all of those barriers and provide a wedding for those who needed it.

“From This Day Forward” provided 17 weddings in all. They all took place on the same day at the church, but each was a private ceremony and reception. Couples also received invitations, photography, cake, and everything else they needed for the wedding of their dreams.

Raising money for the program started with donations from the congregation, but as word spread, the community stepped forward with donations and volunteer help to make it happen.

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