Gripping rose ceremony is shocking during “The Bachelorette”

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Picturesque Marseille in southern France is the romantic backdrop for the start of Andi’s international quest to find her great love. Josh is the lucky man to get the first one-on-one date, exploring this beautiful coastal city with her. Their chemistry is there, but will this handsome bachelor let Andi know he is capable of a relationship? Nine men are rendered speechless when Andi takes them on a group date where a professional mime teaches them the tricks of the trade. Then, they are let loose on the French public, but there is trouble festering among bachelors which surfaces at the after party. Will Andi be dragged into the drama? It all ends in an explosive rose ceremony, stunning the remaining bachelors, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JUNE 16 (8:00-10:01 p.m.), on WOTV4.

Andi is skeptical about whether Josh is too good to be true, even if they have physical chemistry, so she invites him on his first one-on-one date to see whether they can share a more meaningful connection. The couple spends the day browsing through local shops, picking up the makings for a romantic picnic. They board a private luxury sailboat and head for the Calanques, a chain of breathtaking rocky islands off the coast of France. Later, the two are at the Palais Longchamp where Josh will get the opportunity to show Andi if this could lead to a real relationship. Andi has one more surprise for Josh: a private concert by singer-songwriter Ben Fields.

“No talking aloud” is the rule of the day when Andi takes nine men to a professional mime for him to coach them on his silent art. Then, the bachelors test their skills with the French public. As usual, the guys try their best – except for one man who has an attitude problem. At the after party, one arrogant bachelor is confronted about his overly-confident bragging that he is “frontrunner,” and Marquel calls out another man who he believes has made some reprehensible comments about him. J J steals Andi away from the drama for a fun romantic ride on a Ferris wheel overlooking the city’s glittering lights. But will all the tension make Andi change her mind about handing out a rose?

Andi’s last one-on-one date is with Brian. The couple attends an advanced private screening of the new DreamWorks Pictures, “The Hundred-Foot Journey”. Inspired by the movie, shop for ingredients for a romantic dinner at a French market.

The Chateau Pont Royal is the dramatic setting for a gripping rose ceremony with Andi making a last minute decision that throws all the men off guard. In the end, there are eight men left to journey with her to one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice, Italy!

The 11 remaining men are:

Andrew, 30, a social media marketer from Culver City, CA

Brian, 27, a basketball coach from Camp Hill, PA

Chris, 32, a farmer from Arlington, IA

Cody, 28, a personal trainer from Chicago, IL

Dylan, 26, an accountant from Boston, MA

J J, 31, a pantsapreneur from San Francisco, CA

Josh M., 29, a former professional baseball player from Atlanta, GA

Marcus, 25, a sports medicine manager from Dallas, TX

Marquel, 26, a sponsorship salesman from Las Vegas, NV

Nick V., 33, a software sales executive from Chicago, IL

Patrick, 29, an advertising executive from Newport Beach, CA





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