60 outside summer activities for kids


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. With the kids out of school and at home for the summer, “I’m bored” is one sentence you are likely to hear. Thanks to Tina at Life Without Pink, you can avoid hearing that statement. Setting up lemonade stand, picking fruit, and backyard miniature golf are just a few activities kids can do during the long summer days. Grab a friend or two and start crossing activities off the list!

  1. Picnic
  2. Swimming
  3. Backyard miniature golfing
  4. DIY kiddie car wash
  5. Visit a park
  6. Visit a wildlife preserve
  7. Go on a nature walk
  8. Scavenger hunt
  9. Feed the horses
  10. Finger painting
  11. DIY marshmallow roasting
  12. Garden
  13. Attend a festival
  14. Play hopscotch
  15. Pick fruit
  16. Flower crafts
  17. Relay race
  18. High jump/low jump competition
  19. Jump rope
  20. Host a summer play date
  21. Play tennis
  22. Beach towel toss
  23. Look for bugs
  24. Run through the sprinkler
  25. Backyard camp out
  26. Drive-in movie
  27. Set up a kids art station
  28. Water balloon fights
  29. Silly string fun
  30. Star gaze
  31. Draw with chalk
  32. Make giant bubbles
  33. Play frisbee
  34. Create a reading tent
  35. Have a catch
  36. Play splash volleyball
  37. Hit the basketball court
  38. Freezing-water tag
  39. Roller skating
  40. DIY slip and slide
  41. Tin foil river
  42. Create rain art
  43. Visit a campground
  44. Swim in the lake
  45. Backyard obstacle course
  46. Take a bike ride
  47. Make a bird feeder
  48. Make a ring toss game
  49. Hula hoop
  50. Wash the car
  51. DIY laser maze
  52. Set up a lemonade stand
  53. Play sponge bullseye
  54. Collect shells at the beach
  55. Turn your deck into a gameboard
  56. Ice chalk
  57. Marble launch
  58. Fishing pole game
  59. Water balloon pinata
  60. Water shooter painting

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