Rainy day quick kitchen updates

Creative Display/storage

The days are finally sunny and warm so we all want to enjoy it.  For those rainy days that do cloud up our Michigan Summer, our Interior Remodeling expert Jan Lehman shares a few quick and inexpensive ways to give your kitchen some new life.


CHAIRS:  If you have mis-matched chairs – antique store finds or from Grandma – you can unify the look with a quick coat of paint.  Or you could make new chair pads for seating comfort.

CREATE A GALLERY WALL: Do you have old frames in several different sizes and shapes?  Use sample jars of latex paint to paint them.  Mix and match sizes and orientation to create a conversational wall gallery.  You might even find a new favorite color!

STORAGE IN STRANGE PLACES: Look at unused corners, under the steps, or even over a doorway. AND don’t forget about the ceiling!  Store bought shelves – or an easy do-it-yourself project – are great and creative ways to display or store vintage cookbooks, colorful collection of dishes or figurines or other colorful kitchen accents.

PLAIN-JANE SHADE?  PAINT IT.   You can add your own personality to just about any kind of shade.  Take your time to use painters tape to define lines then use a roller or paintbrush to apply latex paint.  Or get really creative and do it freehand.  Make sure to allow the paint to dry for a day before using the shade again.

KEEP UTENSILS IN PLAIN VIEW: You can use magnetic knife racks and metal shelving for spices and cooking oils.  This frees up drawer and counter space and adds possibly some needed color to your kitchen.

ADD A COLORFUL AREA RUG: Spice up an otherwise neutral space with a colorful area rug.  Not only will it protect your floors, it will add a dose of personality in seconds. For easy cleaning, consider a flat-weave or even an indoor-outdoor rug.

If any of these peak your interest, get ideas while you’re shopping around this summer.  That way you’ll be prepared for the quick fix up on the next rainy day!  Share your fixes on our Facebook page.

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