Behind the scenes at John Ball Zoo

maranda-jbz tigers

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Tigers officially return to the John Ball Zoo on Friday, June 14, with the new Crawford Tigers of the Realm.

The exhibit is especially important because tigers are endangered. There are fewer than 500 tigers in the wild. They have an important conservation message, and often people have to see them and experience them to truly care for them.

Crawford Tigers of the Realm is a state-of-the-art exhibit which saved a variety of vegetation and trees. The tigers are comfortable in that surrounding, and visitors will be able to see their different personalities.

There are three tigers: Kuza and Yuri are both three-year-old brothers who each weigh about 450 pounds. Nika is a nine-year-old female who is just under 300 pounds. She gave birth to three cubs at her previous zoo.

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