Career Camp lets kids explore their future

Photo courtesy Careerline Tech Center

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOTV) Summer camps are a great way for kids to grow, learn, and explore new things. The Ottawa Area Intermediate School District offers awesome camps where kids can gain hands-on experience.

Careerline Tech Center’s Career Camp is offered through Doing More. Together. During each week of camp, students can choose five different programs, gaining hands-on experience in areas like technology, cooking, first aid, plants and animals, construction, TV production, and more!

Career Camp is open to current sixth, seventh, and eighth graders within the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District. Two sessions of camp will be offered June 16 through 20 and June 23 through 27. Students can choose to attend one week or both. Each week of camp costs just $40 with an additional $20 if busing is desired. Buses run from the local middle schools to camp and back. Careerline Tech Center works with member public school districts to coordinate the transportation so that more students from the Ottawa area may participate.

You can sign up for Career Camp online by clicking here. For more information, call (616) 738-8950 extension 4512.

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