Getting ready for summer is in the bag

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) It’s finally warm outside, so that means it’s time to switch out the winter clothes for summer clothes. An easy way to de-clutter is with new donation bags from Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids.

A good way to stay organized between the seasons is to gather all of the clothes that don’t fit anymore or are out of style and put them in the bag. When you find a toy or item that your kids have outgrown or don’t play with anymore, you can toss it right in the bag. You can keep the bags around the house and in the garage so they’re always around when you find something. When they’re full, just toss them into the car and head to the donation center.

Goodwill offers the large plastic bags at any of its 18 locations or donation centers. You can add items to the bag and drop it off at any donation center.

Goodwill also offers corporate donation drives. Any size business can sign up to have the bags on site for employees to fill up and return to the workplace. For more information, visit Goodwill’s website and click on Donations or call (616) 532-4200.

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