Photos: Milan’s Miracle Run adds sunshine to West Michigan

Milan's Miracle Run Photos

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Milan, a bright eyed beautiful little girl was born December 8, 2000 in Grand Rapids, and died peacefully in 2009, at the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. She endured a long battle against the odds which she conquered time and again. She was told she would never walk, though she danced in flip flops! Then she was told she would be legally blind and instead she saw the world clearly, according to Milan’s Miracle Fund website. In the end Milan lost her battle with an inoperable brain tumor.

Though her physical form has changed, Milan’s spirit lives on. Milan’s Miracle Fund was established by her parents at first to help her, but now to support families with kids coping with Brain Tumor. Milan’s legacy lives on through the Milan’s Miracle Fund.

>>>>Photos: Milan’s Miracle Run

As part of the effort to raise awareness and rally support for the cause, Milan’s biggest supporters established the Milan’s Miracle Run. The run is the first 8k run in West Michigan dedicated to fight pediatric cancer, with all profits staying in the West Michigan community. Over the past three years, Milan’s Miracle Fund has raised more than $68,000 through Milan’s Miracle Run. Why an 8K? There are eight primary pediatric cancers. Though the goal is to help all children afflicted with cancer. See photos from the uplifting event at the link above.



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