End the school year successfully

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) The school year is winding down, and it’s important to prepare kids and teachers for summer and prepare for next year.

Thank your teachers

Deb Warwick from Ferris State University says a way to make sure teachers know how much you appreciate them is to just write them a note. Let the teacher know how much you appreciate what they’ve done. Let others know about the teacher’s good work by also sending the letter to the principal, superintendent, and/or school board.

Prevent summer learning loss 

There are ways to prevent learning loss in your child over the summer. Public libraries have books and free services and programs. One good way to keep the brain active is to simply spend time with your child. Work on a project, take a walk, play outside, and read. These activities don’t have to cost anything and can still have a positive impact.

Best advice

Warwick urges students not to quit at the end of the school year. Make sure your child keeps learning and continues to do his or her best. It’s also a nice gesture for them to tell their teacher how much they will be missed.

Back to school

During the summer, help your child be ready for school in the fall by continuing to practice reading and math.

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