The healthiest fast food restaurant

Photo courtesy Meijer

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) If you’re short on time and money and want a healthy meal, head to Meijer instead of the corner fast food restaurant. With a little know-how, you can avoid the wait in the drive through at a chain restaurant and grab a much healthier meal option at the grocery store.

Department Meal Options 

Here are a few ideas of items you can find throughout the store:

Deli – whole grain salads, fruit salad, sushi, bean salad, lean deli meats and cheese, hummus.

Produce – pre-cut fruit cups, individual packs of veggies, ready to eat green salads, yogurt parfaits, 100% juice drinks and smoothies, dried fruit.

Dairy – yogurt, cottage cheese, lowfat cheese sticks and slices, milk, soy and almond milk.

Frozen – healthy individual frozen meals, frozen fruit, frozen vegetables, healthier burritos.

Grocery – reduced sodium soups, heat-and-serve rice cups, whole grain crackers/bread, canned/pouch tuna, salmon and chicken, canned fruit cups.


Lunch Options – Easy as 1-2-3:

Stock your pantry and refrigerator at home with healthier ingredients so you have a grab & go meal at work or school.  Simply include nutritious items like whole grains, protein choices and fruits & vegetables:

Whole Grains – crackers, pita chips, sandwich thins, grain salads, heat-and-serve brown rice cups.

Protein – nuts or nut butter, seeds, hummus, cheese sticks, Greek yogurt, bean salad, tuna or salmon pouches, lean deli meats.

Fruits & Vegetables – apples, kiwi, fruit salad, berries, tangerines, salad, dried fruit, bananas, avocados, mini cucumbers, grape tomatoes, pepper strips, frozen fruit and veggies, vegetable soup.


Five Fabulous Fast Food Meal Ideas:

Whole Grain Pita Chips
Red Pepper Strips and Baby Carrots
Sparkling Juice

Healthy Choice Frozen Meal
Low Fat Milk

Meijer Triple Berry Salad (produce dept.)
Whole Grain Crackers
Greek Yogurt

Whole Grain Sandwich Thin
Deli Honey Roasted Turkey
Grape Tomatoes and Baby Cucumber Wedges
Cheese Sticks

Reduced Sodium Vegetable Soup
Whole Grain Crackers
Peanut Butter

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