Clear goals are vital when you shop for an attorney

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Many attorneys offer free consultations which are basically a meet and greet.  They will usually ask what brings you in to the office of a divorce attorney and give you an opportunity to tell your story.

While you are talking, they are taking notes, whether mental or on paper, and deciding how complicated your case is, what it will involve and whether or not it will likely be a real dog fight.  You may even be asked whether or not you are looking for representation that will help you divorce as peacefully as possible or whether you are looking for a bulldog who will fight for everything you can get.

Before you arrive at the consultation appointment you want to sit down and really think about what you want your future to look like.  What are your dreams, how do you want to live?

Taking the step to sit down with a divorce attorney is an emotional, gut-wrenching decision and sometimes women don’t stop to think about what they really want.

It is extremely important that you communicate to your attorney what you are looking for to begin your new life.  Without this conversation, your attorney will likely steer you in the direction that they think is best for you, but may not be what you really desire.  If you are abundantly clear about what you need to start out on your new life, your attorney can then make a game plan to attempt to get you there.

Think about this conversation as making a sandwich.  When my husband makes a sandwich it usually is bread, a couple of slices of lunch meat and maybe some mustard.  When I make him a sandwich I usually look in the fridge and start adding tomato, lettuce, pickles, maybe some hummus or sliced red pepper, olives, bread or a wrap.

The point of view on the same goal of making a sandwich can be miles apart.  The outcome can look totally different.  You want to tell your attorney exactly what you want on your sandwich and you want to consider all the options available to you.  If you are not sure what those options are, ask.

The consultation is also the time to find out what those options are and whether the attorney you are talking to is enthusiastic about helping you achieve your goal.  You are shopping for the person that you are confident can get you there.

Also, understand that your attorney is working within the parameters of the law and the courts.  There are some things that you may not get or that you may have to compromise on, but if you start out with a clear goal in mind your life can end up being the best gourmet sandwich you have ever seen.


Nothing herein constitutes legal advice.


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WOTV 4 women’s legal expert Gail Saukas

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