Super-charge your smoothie with these ideas

living well smoothie boost

Show your cardiovascular system a little extra love or send your muscles some more protein with smoothie boosts. Our Healthy Eats crew member, Margaux Drake shares a simple smoothie recipe and a few ideas to pump up the nutrition in your smoothie.

Customize your smoothie your way with smoothie boosts! Take your favorite smoothie recipe, then pump up the nutrition depending on your needs. Want to rebuild your muscles after a hard workout? Add a plant-based protein like hemp powder. Need an anti-oxident super boost for youthful aging or to fend off disease? Try superfruits like blueberries, strawberries and cranberries. Or, support your cardiovascular and GI system with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and flax.

This is a great basic smoothie recipe that can be customized with different boosts to suit your current health needs.

Lean Green Energy


One Serving

1 C Almond milk

1 Banana, frozen

1 C Kale, packed

1 C Spinach, packed


Boosts, add one or a combination of the following:

2-4 T Hemp protein powder- Builds lean muscle

1 C Mixed berries, frozen- Antioxident support

2 T Flax seed, ground- Cardiovascular and GI support

1-2 T Flax oil- Cardiovascular and GI support

1-2 T Raw honey- Powerful antioxident and cancer fighting phytonutrients, local raw honey has been shown to help build an immunity to seasonal allergies

Coconut oil- Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial support

1 t Cinnamon- Anti-microbial support and boosts brain function

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