Eliminate junk and clutter in your bathroom

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Is it just me or do you also have a bathroom full of things you don’t use, need or want?

From time to time I find myself buying some product and then it’s just not the right fit or not what I wanted. These items collect under my sink and in the linen closet because – “hey, I spent money on that”. Um, never mind I am not actually going to use it but for some reason I rationalize that I will…someday.

Time to get rid of these items.

First option, if they are just old and gross, empty it out, recycle the container. If it’s prescription medications, please take them to your local hospital to dispose of it in their hazardous waste receptacle.

Lastly, if its a great hair product, face cream, etc. and it’s just not right for you, consider donating to a shelter or giving these items to a friend who might use them.

You may find something during this process that you decide to use after all; maybe you have forgotten you even had it! By ridding yourself of the unwanted items it will make it much easier to see and use the items that you do want and need.

There I said it. Now go clean your bathroom.

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