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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- My son suffers from allergies and asthma which can be a scary combination.   Since he’s only two-and-a-half years old this is something we’re learning as we go.  I’ve been told my tips from my allergist, doctors and others that I’d like to share.  Most recently AllergEase provided these tips that I think are great and I’m finding to be really helpful as we are now full throttle into Spring.  I think the best thing is be consistent with your kids allergy action plan.  Just because they’re not showing symptoms today doesn’t mean they won’t flare up tomorrow.  It’s easier to be preventative than to try and stop the problem after it starts.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Family Allergy-Free

1. Keep the air clean: Keep windows closed at home and when in the car to keep pollen out. Use either HEPA or highly rated MERV filters to reduce the allergens in your home, and change filters regularly.

2. Check the pollen and mold count: Many online services including the National Allergy Bureau can provide daily pollen and mold counts for your area, which can help you plan your day. Avoid going outdoors on very high count days. Dry and windy days tend to be the worst for allergy sufferers.
3. Wear the proper clothes: Wearing a hat and sunglasses can help keep pollen and other allergens out of your hair and eyes. Light clothes that cover your arms and legs can prevent allergens from settling on your skin.

4. Change your clothes: After coming back inside from an outdoor activity, immediately change your clothes. This will help prevent carrying around and spreading allergens in your house.

5. Take a shower: Washing your hair and body is important immediately after a day outdoors. A shower at night will also prevent you from carrying allergens into your bed.

6.  Change your sheets: Changing your pillowcases and sheets regularly is important, especially for those with dust mite allergies. Make sure to wash in hot water for best results.

7. Take your medicine early: Take your allergy medicine and supplements before allergen exposure. Some medicines work best if they are in your system days or even weeks before allergy season kicks in. Talk with your doctor about your symptoms to find out which regimen or combination of medicine and supplements may be best for you.

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