Second pregnancy surprises: what I didn’t expect

It’s been two-and-a-half years since my son was born and now we’re expecting our second child.  While I made sure to tackle every page of “What to expect when you’re expecting” the first time around, I haven’t managed to find any book titled, “baby number two- differences I didn’t expect”!   I’m now early into my second trimester and I’ve already noticed a lot of things that make me raise an eyebrow.  If you’re a mom about to embark on your second pregnancy here’s some things to note.

Second Pregnancy Surprises: Differences I Didn’t Expect

1. You’re way more efficient: This is one of the best things about the second pregnancy.  The decisions are much easier because you’ve already made them or you learned from your mistakes.  For instance: booking newborn pics– done!  Chances are you already found a photographer you love and you full well know how important it is to get on her calendar as soon as you know you’re expecting.  Daycare provider– done!  Your current kid is already enrolled so simply add baby number two to the list.  Finding a pediatrician– done!  Taking baby classes– done!  See some things do get easier.

2. People aren’t as excited:  Now I’m not saying NO ONE is excited but with the first baby you find yourself coming home to a mailbox full of congrats cards, surprise baby gifts on your porch from UPS, maternity clothes and lots of little things from your loved ones.  The second baby you get a, “Oh how wonderful”  or a verbal congrats and people move on.  Baby number two just doesn’t get the fanfare of baby number one.  Sad but true.  (Unless it’s from the grandparents- because they are always pumped.)

3. You still need things: Though you were showered with gifts during pregnancy number one, chances are baby number one stained, soiled, chewed or broke a lot of those items, leaving baby number two with some worn out hand-me-downs.  Remember that diaper party?  Those boxes have long been emptied.  Remember those million bottles of baby shampoo you never thought you’d use?  They’re gone.  What about all of those beautiful blankies?  They’re stained, ripped or worn out from being dragged through the toddler years.   Chances are you’ll end up with a list a mile long of linens, creams, diapers and more that you’ll need to stock up on.  Start looking for coupons and deals and stock up little by little to avoid a major shopping spree.

4. You don’t have time to rest: With pregnancy number one you felt tired so you slept.   Now you’ve got a wild-toddler running up and down the halls, pulling on your hand and asking you to play!  You may feel sick and exhausted but alas, now that you have earned your mommy stripes, you’re tougher than ever and are expected to handle more on less energy.   Go to bed early and get your partner to pitch in as much as possible.

5. You feel the baby sooner:  Last time it probably took until mid-pregnancy to feel those first kicks and flutters.  As my O.B. said- you now have a “used uterus” (a.k.a. stretched and not so tough) and during pregnancy number two you’ll feel your little prince or princess much sooner this time around.

6. The name game is so much harder: This is interesting.  You probably had your favorite names the first time and of course, you used one of them.  So your best “boy” or “girl” name is taken and you need to come up with plan B.  Also your favorite names from a few years ago may not seems so great anymore.   Perhaps they’ve sky-rocketed in popularity, or you’ve met a “Braylen or Elijah” that you’re not so fond of.  Maybe a good friend or relative has had a child and took your “runner-up” leaving you searching for something new.  Whatever the case, just prepare yourself that finding the perfect name the second time around can be a challenge.

If you want to follow my pregnancy journey you can check out my baby blog here.  I document each week as we inch closer to baby number two’s arrival!   Also follow me on facebook at


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