Six ways to Spring clean your body

Oh how I love to keep it clean so just one more reason to love spring.  But lets go beyond house, garage and garden.  What about me?  At the change of season, especially after a long sluggish winter its important to take care of YOU. Consider spending a day or even a week dedicated to personal upkeep.

Ways to Spring clean your body:

1. For the outside, this is the ideal time to take up dry brushing skin, slough off the winter dullness.

2. Follow this up with exterior rejuvenation by a self massage with a good quality organic oil.

3. If you haven’t been flossing your teeth start now and follow this with oil pulling to pump up the oral hygiene.

4. Give some extra care to dry winter hair and use a conditioning hair mask, you can make one yourself out of banana and honey or a blend of olive and coconut oils.  Soak in the tub while you leave it in the hair for 15-20 minutes.

5. After tub time, try a pumice stone on the heels and then massage the feet with your oil and throw on some cotton socks.

6. Now for interior clean.  Detox.  Need I say more?  Try a 1-3 cleanse eating easy to digest plant based whole foods while skipping caffeine  and alcohol.

Trust me that you will look and feel great with just a few small steps towards health.

WOTV 4 women’s wellness expert Michele Fife

For more on Michele’s check out her work and visit her blog.

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