Easy outdoor activities for toddlers


Get outside with your little one and enjoy the Spring weather!

Outdoor Ideas for Young Kids

-Visit area parks!  My husband will regularly take our son on a park adventure where each time they go some place new!  It’s free and fun!

-Have a picnic.  Use cookie cutters to make Spring themed sandwiches like butterflies and bugs, then cut some fruit and pack some crackers for a great picnic.

-Get out the sidewalk chalk.  You get to sit (instead of chase) and get creative with your toddler.

-Read a book on a blanket in the grass or under a tree.

-Go for a walk.  We like to pretend we’re on an animal adventure and look for furry friends.  Or keep it interesting with a game of I-spy, pointing out colors and shapes.

-Play games.  It doesn’t take much to assume a toddler.  Lay out a few hula hoops and make a game of throwing rocks into them.  See who can score the most points.

-Jump in puddles.  Put on the rain boots (or the old snow boots) and enjoying getting messy in the mud.

WOTV 4 women’s baby expert, Carly Munoz

For more on Carly check out her mommy blog here.


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