Make networking work for you

Networking is still one of the most successful avenues for finding a job. and it’s not as scary as it sounds. Start by listing the names of all your friends, colleagues, teachers, relatives, and anyone you can think of who would be willing to talk about or help out with job opportunities.

Call, email, or connect through social media to all the people on your list. Let them know you’re looking for a job and you’d appreciate any advice or leads. If sending emails, attach an electronic version of your résumé so they can see your qualifications.

If your list needs a boost, get involved with local professional organizations, volunteer for local charities, or sign up with your school’s professional student organizations. If you’re interested in becoming an electrician’s apprentice, join a local electrician association. If you’re a college graduate, your alumni association can be a great resource for job openings, networking opportunities, and other job searching tips.

Unfortunately, the word networking intimidates many people. If you don’t remember anything else, remember this: Most people love to give advice and help out. You aren’t bothering or pressuring them. actually, it’s a compliment that you think they have the contacts or resources to help you find a job. The key to networking is building relationships. It’s not about obtaining and spending favors.When meeting others, look for commonalities and similar interests and build a rapport. Look for ways you can help them with any challenges or listen to what they have to say.

For more networking advice, visit the networking section on Movin’ on Up, Don’t forget to send a thank-you note to everyone you contact. It’s important to show your appreciation for their time and help. It’ll also help keep you at the top of their minds. Internships are great for any industry. not only will they give you real world, on-the-job experience, they can also give you a chance to meet the people who make the hiring decisions. If you prove yourself during an internship, your supervisor is sure to help you find a job or even offer you one.

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