Aviation history rebuilt at Air Zoo


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) History is coming alive at the Air Zoo as they undertake a massive project to restore at World War II plane that sank in Lake Michigan.

The Wildcat sank in 1942 during aircraft carrier qualification training to be able to fight in the war. He was heading down the runway when his engine stopped, rolled over the front of the ship breaking the plane in half. Both pieces of the plane went over 200 feet down into Lake Michigan. The pilot survived. In 2010 the US Navy decided to bring the plane out of the lake so people can see the plane and learn from its historical signifigance.

In December 2012 a recovery team brought the Wildcat to the surface of Lake Michigan. Now the restoration team at Air Zoo is busy restoring the plane and has even invited schools in during the process to see the work being done.

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