A Tigers fan dream come true

maranda-jaydon tigers fan

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Jaydon Wade is only 9 years old, yet he’s experienced something most Tigers fans will never get to experience. That’s because Jaydon got the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a Tigers game.

It all happened after Jaydon’s father, Gary, wrote an essay for a Blue Cross Blue Shield about how families stay healthy. Wade included in that essay that their older daughter, Sydney, had been fighting cancer. So in addition to Jaydon’s first pitch, Sydney got a chance to walk the starting lineup out to home plate.

Wade said as soon as they found out Jaydon would get to throw  out the first pitch, they measured how far the distance would be and started practicing in the yard.

Jaydon said at first he was nervous, but then said he started to focus and threw out a great first pitch.


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