Shopping for kids with nut allergies

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) As many as 15 million people live everyday with food allergies. Shopping for your family when you have to consider this, can be challenging. Our WOTV 4 Women Crew member, Carly Munoz, has a son with nut allergies, so we asked her to take us shopping with her to see what she has to consider with every single purchase.

Carly says it’s good to just avoid salad bars at the grocery store because foods can easily get cross-contaminated.  Nut products are also commonly found in salad dressings and since there’s no label with ingredients,  it’s best to avoid them.  Deli counters are also good to avoid, again because of cross-contamination and no labels.

It’s also good to check labels for breads. For instance, one label reads that it could contain sesame seeds.  Peanut butter is also something you want to avoid but Carly found 2 different brands of butter that are peanut free, WowButter and SunButter.

Be careful of cake mixes as well,  even if the mix does not contain nuts, chances are it was manufactured on the same equipment as mixes that do contain nuts.  Many labels will tell you if the product is made in a factory or on equipment where nuts are present.

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