Planting native plants for Earth Day

michele fife native plants

As we get ready to celebrate Earth Day, WOTV4 Women crew member, Michele Fife, shares ideas on keeping your yard green by using plants native to Michigan.

Celebrate Earth Day and Give Back to Nature!

Landscaping with native wildflowers and grasses improves the environment and will bring natural beauty into your life.

Native plants can bring a taste of the wild to urban, suburban, and corporate settings by attracting birds, butterflies and other animals.

Native plants are easier to grow because they are already adapted to the local conditions.  The care of native plants is easier as they generally do not need pesticides, fertilizers, or watering.  Consider covering lawn space with native plants and reduce the need to mow. .  This saves you time and money while reducing the demand for fossil fuel and improving air and water quality.

Landscaping with native wildflowers and grasses helps to create a healthier ecosystem. The diverse varieties of birds, butterflies and animals that are attracted to the native plants will bring joy to your life and increase our connection to nature.

So save time, save money and save the earth by planting local this gardening season.

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