Live Local-Give Local: Handmade quilts will provide free books to local kids

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library of Ionia County is helping to promote a free literacy program for children.  The Dolly Parton Imagination Library of Ionia County is a gift from the community back to its young children.  For just $27.00 per year, a child will receive a high quality, hard-cover book once a month delivered right to their home for an entire year!  All children who live within the Ionia County Intermediate School District who are under five years of age are eligible. To raise funds for the childhood initiative, the district raffled off Fuzzy Duckling quilts this year. The raffle raised $4,337.00. Other activities that occurred during the month of March were the Magnificient Mondays at McDonalds which riased $814.00 for the program and the Biggby Coffee donation  week which gleaned another $92.00.  The total for these combined activities is $5,243.00.  There is still an opportunity for the community to help. There are 8 quilts still waiting for a home. See photos below.

The price for the each quilt is $135.00 which sponsors a child in the program for all 5 years!  The quilts can be viewed below and by logging onto  Do you know someone at work, church or a family member that is having a new baby, celebrating a special birthday or looking for something special for that Easter basket?  A handmade quilt is a meaningful gift, and it helps you to Live Local and Give Local by supporting a life changing literacy program. When purchasing a quilt, your are also sponsoring a child in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library of Ionia County. Local children will receive a home library of 60 books through the quilt sale program.

The sale is first come, first serve.  Simply look on the website and select the quilt you think you would like to purchase and contact the Ionia ISD either via email at or by phone, 1-616-522-1410.  Checks can be made to Ionia ISD-DPIL or pay when you pick up your quilt.  Quilts may also be shipped to your home.  Thank you for your on-going support of this very important school readiness program.

Carolyn Fox  Quilt 46Kathy Thiel Kim Pung Pat Trommater Quilt 38susan Latham Valery Wymer   Anita Putnam               Betty Shetterly Quilt 27



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