How to bridge the workforce skill gap

A talent crisis exists in North America in the manufacturing field as skilled workers are increasingly difficult to find. Only 17% of hiring managers say job seekers have the skills they are looking for and are left with many unfilled openings in their workforce.

Skill requirements for jobs in the skilled manufacturing workplace have become more sophisticated.

In order to fix this, we need to encourage young people who are not interested in a typical 4 year college to obtain a skilled certification or get an apprenticeship to better prepare them for the job market and to help fill these gaps in our skilled technical workforce.

Skilled technical positions offer competitive wages comparable to those with a 4 year degree. If we don’t do something, we won’t have enough workers to meet the needs of the future demand.

In an effort to help fill these gaps in the technical workforce, Express is working with companies to help them develop apprenticeships and skilled training programs. And with our strategic recruiting efforts, we are constantly searching for qualified applicants to fill these holes.





WOTV 4 women’s Employment expert Janis Petrini

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