Spring into a fresher dining room

One of the rooms in your home that is really easy to refresh is your dining room!  Many people often overlook this simple space as a place to really make a big impact for a minimal amount of money.


– Add linen chair covers.  They’re easy to wash and can really make your room look sophisticated and fresh.  Plus depending on your fabric you can do a classic white (like shown in the video tip above) or you can really get wild and go bold with your color and pattern.

-Add some green!  Fresh plants can really make your space pop.   Plants will help breathe new life into a room and these natural elements are soothing and add an instant touch of the outdoors.

– Art Work.   Choose a new piece of art to complete your redesign.

-Table settings.  Find some great new dishes, chargers, place mats or a runner to make over your table.

If you love the looks shown in the video check out Talsma Furniture at one of their many locations around West Michigan.

WOTV 4 women’s home décor expert Tiffany Talsma

For more on Tiffany check out her work and facebook page.


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