Expert panel to inspire and educate female runners

You’re Invited to kick off race weekend with the girls! Join WOTV 4 Women,Fellow Flowers & the Gazelle Girl Half-Marathon for an inspirational night filled with fun. WOTV 4 Women’s Network Night is a special event for woman participating in the Gazelle Girl Half-Marathon or 5K race.  This event  includes complimentary snacks and sips, a video booth, photos, shopping and mingling.  Plus meet our inspiring guest speaker and hear her motivating journey, then get your race day & training questions answered by our expert panel!

Gazelle Girl Network Night with WOTV 4 Women!
Featuring special guests Fellow Flowers

When: Friday April 11th 5:30pm-8pm
Where: Grand Rapids Art Museum Auditorium
Cost: Free, registration required

Rachel bishopRachel Bishop- Marathon Runner, Heart Survivor

For the past fourteen years she has been living, working, and playing in the lakeshore community of Holland Michigan with her incredible husband and their two cats. She is a runner, vegetarian, librarian at Hope College, and heart defect survivor. Growing up her younger brother Brett excelled at running track and it was out of admiration for him that she became interested in running; her passion for running however began after finding peace on her solitary long runs. Shortly after moving to Holland she started running with the people at Gazelle Sports which served to deepen her appreciation for the sport of running, and running with others.


DrHendricksDr. Jeffrey Hendricks, MD- Physician, Inventor, Triathlete  

As a physician, Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks has practiced emergency medicine, occupational medicine, family medicine, and alternative and integrative medicine. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and his Medical Degree from Michigan State University. Dr. Hendricks is the inventor of RIZE Energy and founder/president of the RIZE parent company, Nothing Ventured LLC. He spent two years researching the biochemistry, merits, and efficacy of herbal, mineral, and vitamin combinations for use in this one-of-a-kind health drink which he has successfully prototyped and now markets across the globe. Dr. Hendricks is also a triathlete, runner and cyclist, participating in dozens of endurance competitions across the country. His passion for athletics derives from a lifelong interest in maximizing human physical and mental performance every day.


Tori SagerTori Sager- Co-founding partner of Fellow Flowers. Runner, Motivator, Coach.

Tori Sager is the co-founder of the women’s running company Fellow Flowers, which aims to honor, share and celebrate the reasons behind why women run. A true motivator at heart, and drawing upon her years as a teacher, counselor and coach, she works to create the inclusive community of empowerment, celebration and friendship that drives the core mission and purpose of Fellow Flowers.




margauxmarch13Margaux Drake- Raw Foods Chef & Experienced Tri-athlete

Margaux Drake is WOTV 4 Women’s Healthy “Eats” Expert and is a culinary instructor & expert for D&W Fresh Market. This Certified Raw Food Chef, teacher and trainer owns The M. Drake Company-a home, garden and plant-based cuisine consultancy. In addition to her professional work, her other passions include her role as a wife and mother or three, and as an ultramarathoner, Ironman triathlete and avid yogi.




MicheleMichele Fife- Wellness expert, Therapeutic Yoga Specialist

Michele Fife, is an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Yoga Therapist and a Peaceful Warrior. She is the WOTV 4 Women Wellness expert.  After many years of working in the fitness industry Michele found her true home on the Yoga mat almost 20 years ago. Since that time she has had the opportunity to work with troubled youth, cancer survivors, inmates, and thousands of people from around the world. Michele believes that even one little person can make a big difference. She believes that knowledge is power and that is her motivation to inform and educate everyone around her that there is a better way, a healthier way to be.




KateKate King- Gazelle Sports, Women’s Apparel Buyer and Ultra Marathoner

Kate King is Gazelle Sports women’s apparel and lifestyle footwear buyer. Growing up in Illinois, she began her running career at the age of 13. Competing all through high school, Kate decided to continue running Track & Cross Country at Hope College in Holland, MI. It was during her sophomore year she began working for a local running store and soon fell in love with running retail. Shortly after college she was able to align her passion for running into a career at Gazelle Sports. Kate is currently training for her fifth marathon and second 50 miler. You can often find her running at local trails or around Reed’s Lake with her husband and puppy.




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