Be the change- Spring clean your community

April has been lovely so far. I am grateful for the warmer weather and visits from the sun. As the snow melts a part of the transformation from winter to spring is the unveiling of all that is not pretty. The grime, the dirt and most of all the human waste. The trash.

I see it every day when I take a walk around my community. I walk and I wonder, who does this? What is one thinking to throw trash out of their car window or to leave it where they had parked? I decided that I should just do something about it rather than only complain so I started a facebook event called BE THE CHANGE. I asked anyone who cared to join me and help clean up the outside. The idea is just to pick any one day in the 1st week of April and commit to walk outside for 1 hour and pick up trash. I invited friends from all over to join and pick up in their area. At last count we had 228 friends with us.

I was able to get outside and do my part this week and between a friend and myself we collected 6 bags of waste from about a 3 mile stretch. We found the typical bottles and cans, lots of cigarette packaging and butts, also some really gross stuff that I wont even mention here. I was glad to share this experience with my friend because had I been alone I may have felt angry about what I found. We were able to laugh and make light of other people lack of consideration for our earth.

I am still left wondering who and why but really none of that matters. What matters more is that there are other people who care like I do and for that I am so happy!

You can still join

WOTV 4 women’s wellness expert Michele Fife

For more on Michele’s check out her work and visit her blog.

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