Reduce stress with tulsi tea


Tulsi, or Holy Basil,  is considered to have “divine” health properties. While it is fairly common in Indian households, many here have not yet heard of it.

I came to know Tulsi while attending my Ayurvedic training this year and have added Tulsi as a tea to my every day diet. I began taking the tea as a way to ease stress and establish calm presence. Tulsi can sooth an anxious mind.

tulsi tea

Some of Tulsi suggested benefits include:

  • support for respiratory system health
  • antioxidant protection against free radicals
  • calming effect and relief from occasional stress
  • support for immune system
  • digestive system health
  • helps to maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range

For me, I know that when I am feeling calm and relaxed that naturally my immune system is stronger, non taxed, and my body can function at its highest potential. Give Tulsi a try. I use it in a loose tea form as my bedtime reading drink.

You can order Tulsi Tea here.

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