Olivia’s Gift: Celebrated living for adults with disabilities


Olivia’s Gift is a model for nonprofit residential living for adults with severe disabilities. This first-of-its-kind apartment style living was inspired by Olivia Henrickson, designed by her architect father and brought into being through generous support of many—family, friends, community, church, and the families of others with severe disabilities.

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Olivia was three years old when a near-drowning left her unable to walk, talk, or care for her most basic needs. But she blossomed under the nurturance of home and the advanced therapeutic programs and equipment available in her public school. Today, as she reaches adulthood, her family—along with countless others like them—faces the next challenge in their journey. How to continue to provide the level of support, stimulation, and interaction that their children received in their schools, once they are no longer eligible for educational services. Click here to see the many ways you can help.

Olivia’s Gift is an inspiring, repeatable, and much-needed model for providing celebrated living for adults with serious disabilities. Olivia’s Gift is located at 5040 Cascade Road, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. For more information call 616.447.1980.

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